David Finzer- Abstract Painting

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Aerosol and acrylic abstract painting

How would you describe your art?

An ongoing learning experience in creating abstract paintings. I enjoy combining aerosols and acrylics to create different looks and I have recently started a journey using acrylic pouring paints.

Who is an artist that inspires you and why?

Two of our gallery artists have been my biggest inspirations to “give it a try. Mr. Tim Sidel and Mr. Zac Pirillo. I love their use of colors, shapes, patterns and textures to create amazing pieces.

What are your favorite materials or mediums to work with?

Aerosol and acrylics, especially acrylic pouring paint.

When did you start making art? Why?

I bought my first acrylic paint set, brushes and a canvas this past April. During my time volunteering at the Tusc Art Coop Gallery I have had the opportunity to see some amazing artwork from very talented local artists. I guess it was inevitable that I had to give it try myself! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

What career highlights would you like to share?

Well I am still very new to creating artwork so my career is just getting started, however selling my first painting is something that I will never forget! To think that someone would think enough of something that I created that they would display it in their home is simply amazing!

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