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Everyone’s art is important to the members of our co-op, and the key reason we band together is to sell art. Join our collective of talented local artists and enjoy the benefits of our collaborative efforts. If you are interested in becoming a member please email

Member Benefits

Joint Gallery Space

Display your artwork in a gallery alongside other exceptional artists in your community.

Shared Resources

Learn from each other and enjoy the benefit of collaborative working.

Networking & Events

Grow your network and reach with gallery events and meetings.

Membership FAQs

Co-ops frequently stipulate that each artist work a set number of hours a week in the gallery. In exchange for your labor, the percentage of the sale price of your work going to the co-op is reduced. Each co-op sets their own percentage-of-sale rates, required hours of work and responsibilities. Some allow artists to show in the co-op without working hours in the shop. In exchange, the percentage of sale price that goes to the co-op is usually greater. However, even under this circumstance, the percentage paid to the co-op is likely less than with a traditional gallery.

Everyone’s art is important to members of a co-op, and the key reason you band together is to sell art. It’s a business and everyone’s number one job is selling art. Therefore, to be successful at selling other members’ art, you have to learn about their work’s inspiration, processes and history. In doing so, you are exposed to a lot of invaluable information about how other artists work successfully. Just as important, you will learn how potential customers respond to available art. Being part of a co-op may be considerably more work, but the learning opportunities and hands-on experience far outweigh the workload.

The Tuscarawas Arts Cooperative has an annual membership fee of $55. Additionally, artists pay a $25 per month gallery fee, and a 10% commission is collected for each art piece sold through the co-op gallery.


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“Creativity takes courage.”

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