Vivian K. Mosley – Oil & Collage

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Vivian Mosley head shot

How would you describe your art?

I call my Art, Work in Progress..When I am working in oils, I tend to see each painting as a learning experience. I use what I discover in the next. For example, I did a study of light and dark and fabric, I used that for the next painting that had a tablecloth, another that had fabric draping in the background. I worked with an Imprimatura layer that I worked from dark to light and discovered that the process worked wonderfully, but adapted it to another painting that reflected more light. I am expanding my painting from using stock photos to setting up my own still life, and working on a portrait that I took the photo. Working from life the eye can see much more than what is captured in the lens of a camera. I choose each subject and challenge myself to push my knowledge further and further, I strive to create a piece that is photo-realistic, a big change from my collage art!

Describe your creative process.

My art is changing, from simple pottery painting, my first painting using the Flemish technique, to painting subjects like bread (much harder than I could imagine) to portraits. I am not satisfied with a flower in a vase anymore, I want to capture the still life and draw the viewer in to discover details that were carefully put in to create the illusion that it is real. My first attempts were ok, but I am my worst critic and keep pushing to attain the goal I set for myself.

When did you start making art & why?

I started making art as a child! As a 4 year old child sitting in Sunday school I began to draw. My Sunday school teacher told my mother that I had talent and was advanced for my age. It’s always been a passion of mine to draw, sculpt or paint and Dover High School Art Teachers helped develop my skills. I never seemed to have the time to paint, I made a decision to pursue this seriously a couple years ago, I sat in a class and felt overwhelmed learning again but soon it was the highlight of my week. Nothing is as rewarding as painting with a group who offer insights and suggestions that helped them. As a teacher, I encourage all to not give up when they feel discouraged, that art evolves and as you grow and learn you find the peace and feeling of accomplishment when you finish a piece. I bet all artists have painted over a canvas in frustration!

What inspires you to create?

I like to see what other artists have done, and this inspires me. I think that is why Art shows and museums are my favorite places to go. I plan to teach and inspire other artists to develop their skills. I am excited to help organize the Tusc Arts co-op gallery for local artists to show and sell their masterpieces. My advice to artists is, Don’t give up. Walk away from a piece of art and revisit it. Listen to constructive criticism and follow your heart. Many times we put off our art to raise our families, work our jobs, but deep down we feel that burning desire to pick up a paintbrush or a chunk of clay. Make time to make art!

What’s your favorite quote & why?

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso
Many times in my life Art has been my best therapy. You can start with anguish, or anger, or joy and find yourself working in a frenzy until your soul calms down, The dust, the dirt, the stress of life are forgotten and you lose yourself in the creative process..

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