"SUNRISE" at Tappan Lake, photography by Tony Contini

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A simply gorgeous lace photo picture of the sun rising at Tappan Lake, it measures 14.5" x 28.5" framed.

this is s superb example of artist Tony Contini's photography. A little information on the artist follows.

I would say my photography is largely compiled of images that produce a sense of beauty and calmness. In such a fast paced society I have learned to take things slow and process my surroundings and wait for the correct lighting, pose, object, or etc. to present itself to me.

My paintings/mixed media portrays deeper thoughts and emotions in my everyday life. A large portion of my mixed media work is composed of sci-fi and pulp fiction magazines used in a gesso relief process and worked back into with acrylics, charcoal, or just about anything I can find to fit my emotions at the time.

I have been drawn to the allure of instant photography and its magic. I would have to say by far this is my favorite medium. Instant film helps create a nostalgic undertone that naturally cannot be captured using digital media.

Anthony Contini – Mixed Media & Photography

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