Lidded Jar @ Walt Allen

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Another great piece by Walt Allen at a very nice price

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The majority of my work is made with brown stoneware clay from Standard Ceramic in Pittsburgh. It is an excellent clay for throwing and hand building. All work is fired twice, once to 1888 deg F in an electric kiln to partially vitrify and to open the clay body to receive the glaze.

I create my own glazes from basic materials and chemicals and test different recipes to find new color variations. I also enjoy experimenting with various underglazes, slips and wax resist as well as different methods of applying glazes, from dipping to spraying. After applying the glaze, the piece is fired again in a gas kiln to a temperature about 2300 deg F to melt the glaze and completely vitrify the clay body.

I have also experimented with alternative firings such as raku and saggar, and currently I am working with several other potters to build a wood kiln in Pennsylvania at my brother in law’s farm. Our first firing should be sometime in the fall and I am excited about the possibilities this different firing protocol will have on my work.

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