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How would you describe your art?

I like to say it’s “photography with a twist”. I love taking pictures and changing them up a bit to see what other people see. It’s fun when you get several different ideas.

What inspires you to create?

Life in general! You never know what you’ll see when you’re taking that walk in the woods, watching children play or just being in the great outdoors. I see a lot of things that others don’t. I like black and white photos because of all the shadows. I’m also a big fan of textures whether it be trees, rocks, ripples on my favorite lake or even clouds in the sky. It’s unlimited as to what you can photograph.

What is your favorite quote? Why?

“It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere”. I think we are all responsible for our own happiness. If you wait for someone else to do it you could be waiting a long time. You could miss out on a lifetime. Enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy.

When did you start making art and why?

I started taking pictures when I was 11 years old, that’s when I bought my own camera. Back then you had to send your film away for developing. It always seemed like it took forever to get it back. Sometimes they turned out like I remember and other times, not so much. Try try again. I loved showing others what I had seen and experienced. Show and tell was always fun!

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