Melissa Gish – Ceramics

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Melissa Gish head shot

How would you describe your art?

Hand built porcelain (multiple glazes & firings). An eclectic assortment of tangible whimsy and spunk. Clay with an attitude.

Name some artists who inspire you and why?

Carolyn Connors and Ed Bartosik are still two of my favs. Their usage of bold color, their unashamed gestures inspire me to create without bounds.

Describe your creative process.

When I create, I try to inspire happiness and a feeling of joy, and smiles – thru my artful gestures, texture, and bold colors.

When did you start making art and why?

Falling in love with color at a young age, I started by needlepointing (age 5), and then sewing. Inspired by a little child’s chair that my Grandma had next to her sewing machine. (Art was always my favorite class in school).

What are your favorite materials/mediums to work with?

I am a multi-media artist, but my heart belongs to a clay medium. I especially like porcelain, because of its creamy, marshmallow fluffy feel. I added texture in later years, but still enjoy the smooth yumminess of the new wet clay in my hands, waiting to be formed into something fun.

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