Jason Hershberger – Fine Art

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Jason Hershberger head shot

How would you describe your art?

A Mixture of abstract expressionism and surrealism.

Who is an artist that inspires you? Why?

Salvador Dali. My first exposure to surrealism and began my interest in art as a form of individual creative expression.

What are you favorite materials or mediums to work with?

Pen & Ink

What inspires you to create?

I simply get ideas that I want to manifest into something tangible.

When did you start making art? Why?

I’ve always created art, but I do remember specifically realizing I was an artist when I was in the 2nd grade. I make art because I’m good at it (other people tell me so), and it is my purpose in life (as far as I can tell).

Contact Information

[email protected]

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