Jane Hazell – Fine Art & Fiber Art

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jane hazell head shot

How would you describe your art?

I strive for realistic renditions in my art.

What are your favorite materials/mediums to work with?

Graphite and pastels.

When did you start making art & why?

I cannot remember a time in my life when I have not liked to be creative. I began drawing around age 10. I would “pose” my Mom’s Toy Pom dogs and draw them. I am self-taught, I got more “serious” about art in my 20s. Although I had to put art aside for years due to working and raising my children, I returned to art in my 40s.

Do you have any career highlights you wish to share?

Thus far, I’ve participated in 3 art shows and placed in all 3.
Every portrait I have completed! When the client expresses how I’ve captured the subject…that’s an amazing compliment.

Describe your creative process.

For a commission piece, I request at least 2 clear photos. Create 1-3 sketches for approval before beginning. I keep the client updated throughout the process to the finish.
For non-commission pieces, I may spend days doing sketches, going through reference photos, before deciding on a subject. Once I do, things usually come together fairly easy.

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