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Business Name: Creations by Two Tears

How would you describe your art?

One-of-a-kind, self-taught with a lot of Native American friends, with my own one-of-a-kind flavors. Can be a combination of Navajo Zuni, Hopi overlay. I’m of Native American descent – a Pennsylvania tribe, Susquehanna or Susquehannock.

Name some artists that inspire you and why.

Coolidge Begay, Eldridge Begay, and Charles LaLoma because they had no limits. The only thing that limits you is you. I was around turquoise jewelry most of my life. God shows me the piece, I just put it together, it’s my therapy.

What inspires you to create?

God inspires me to create. When you look at a piece and say, I made that, there’s not another one like it in the world and it will be here after I’m gone.

What are you trying to communicate with your art?

I want people to know how relaxing and creative it is, much better than medication. What you come up with comes from your soul, your inner self. If you copy it from a picture, you haven’t made anything.

What makes your process different from other artists?

I free hand everything. I make your leaves, flowers, chains. Make the rope trim, the balls for trim. I cut and polish the stones. I don’t cut corners, even if it looks like 100%, I know I only put 70% effort into it. To ones own self be true. My life is where God has put me and led me and allowed me the privilege to do this.

What’s your favorite quote and why?

There is no such thing as a mistake as long as you learn from it. I was making a very important piece for a person and the last rose I made, I used too much heat on one petal, the edge melted. First I got mad, then I cried. A native elder asked what was wrong. I said I made a bad mistake. I explained, he laughed, told me the rose doesn’t just smell good and look pretty, it has other purpose. He asked me to make a ladybug, I said why, his quote, “Just do it.” After it was done, he told me to put it on the petal by where it’s melted. I said why, he said they have to eat. I did, when the client sees it, she told her husband, look honey a ladybug and she ate part of the flower. She looked at me and said I love ladybugs.

When did you start making art and why?

When I was little my grandfather let me make a fish plug and flies for fishing. I think it was the first time I felt the creative juices flowing.

Do you have any career highlights you wish to share?

A collection of pieces that were bought by a lady for her to keep and it was appraised by a man from the Smithsonian, but $20 earrings can be as important, pride isn’t worth $2.00 a trainload.
I sold pieces to famous movie stars and people of great wealth. The greatest thing that I know is that I’m a legend in my own time and most have to die first to become that, but give the credit to my partner God, he showed me, I just put it together.

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silver bracelets with stones by don gesaman
silver bracelets with turquoise stones by don gesaman

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