Artist Profiles | Blacksmith

Nathan Olinger – Blacksmith

Name of Business: Olinger Timber and Ironworks How would you describe your art? Combination of wood and metal, for unique usable items. Describe your creative process. Get a good nights sleep. Get up early, coffee up, then get out in the shop and create! What are you favorite materials/mediums to work with? Walnut, iron, copper….

Artist Profiles | Painter

Ed Paradise – Watercolor

About Ed I am a native of Cleveland who moved to Atwood Lake upon retirement. I have been a florist since I was 13 years old and still work part time doing flowers. I graduated from John Carroll University. I owned and operated many assorted retail businesses including multiple flower shop locations during my career.  I have…

Artist Profiles | Painter

Ashley Byrom – Acrylics

Name of Business: Breathing Art by Ashley Byrom How would you describe your art? I would describe my art as peaceful. Light in the darkness. Healing to the soul. It’s not something I was taught to do, it was put in me and comes out with a passion and love that makes me feel home….

Artist Profiles | Fine Art | Painter

Mary “Lynn” Fraelich – Fine Art

Type of Art Oil, watercolour, coloured pencil, stone carving. How would you describe your art? Precise/detailed. I paint a wide variety of subjects. Love to paint nature, landscapes, hummingbirds and structures. Name some artists that inspire you & why? Maxmilian Ciccone – his detail especially portraiture is so beautiful and moving. His work brings tears…

Artist Profiles | Painter

Larry Kerr – Water Color

About Larry Larry is a water color artist, he resides in Tuscarawas County and is well known for his artistic work in North Central Ohio. He is past President of the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center. His art is displayed in numerous Ohio area homes. Larry has over 20 years’ experience painting subjects such as sea…

Artist Profiles | Ceramics

Walt Allen – Ceramics

How would you describe your art? My body of work includes both the ornamental and the functional, but mainly focuses on useful, practical pieces. This is drawn from my own enjoyment of using handmade items such as plates or mugs in everyday life and more so, when I know the potter who made them. Surface texture…

Artist Profiles | Jewelry

Donald Gesaman – Handmade Jewelry

Business Name: Creations by Two Tears How would you describe your art? One-of-a-kind, self-taught with a lot of Native American friends, with my own one-of-a-kind flavors. Can be a combination of Navajo Zuni, Hopi overlay. I’m of Native American descent – a Pennsylvania tribe, Susquehanna or Susquehannock. Name some artists that inspire you and why….